School Signage Improves Student Engagement

School Signage Improves Student Engagement

School signage can be a key factor in student and staff engagement, morale and overall school spirit. As the school facility ages and the interior becomes dated, school pride can deteriorate along with it.  KeyPoint Signs & Graphics can help refresh your facility, bringing in a new feeling of focus and engagement.  Cost effective and versatile, vinyl graphics are a sound way to update tired school walls.

School Pride Importance

If the school is looking worn out, student pride and eventually academic engagement can suffer. Whether it’s the hallways, cafeteria, media center or even the floors- yes, the floors- vinyl is a great choice for school signage.  Take advantage of  wall and floor real estate to remind students and teachers that they are an important and valued member of YOUR school!

The Nation School Climate Center has evidence supporting that Facility Environment is an essential dimension for increased student success.  Developing the right school environment is a great way to teach students respect for property, promote school values and enhance their engagement.

Brand your cafeteria with school signage.

Increase student engagement with vibrant graphics.

Implementing School Signage

  1. Dining Halls: The cafeteria is an ideal space to update school signage.  Display the school mascot reminding students about the importance of healthy food choices.  Use vibrant graphics as examples of the ideal meal, proper hand washing and other ways to live a healthy life.
  2. Libraries: Help students find reading materials by creating graphics leading the way to genres.  Bring nature inside the school by wrapping a wall with high resolution scenes of nature, creating a peaceful place to read and study.
  3. School Halls:  Remind students of your belief in their potential with vibrant graphics displaying school community core values.
  4. Entrances: Use school signage graphics to welcome visitors to your school.  What message are you currently conveying when people walk in?
  5. Gymnasium: Show school pride by having images of the mascot on the gym floor and walls.

Educating our youth is an important job!  Let KeyPoint Signs & Graphics  take lessons taught in morning announcements and pep rally’s and turn them into effective school signage.  Call today for a free consultation.


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