Halo Lit Signs or Reverse Lit Channel Letters, What’s the Difference?

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Halo Lit Signs or Reverse Lit Channel Letters, What’s the Difference?

Let’s talk sign illumination.  There are several ways to illuminate your sign. One of our favorites is to use a method for Halo Lit signs or Reverse Lit Channel Letters.  Halo lit simply means that when you look at the sign, the light comes from behind the dimensional lettering  giving the sign letters a “halo” glow around the outline.  Halo Lit Signs are also known as Reverse lit channel lettering.

Push Through Acrylics: Halo Lit Signs

The effect yields a very modern, sophisticated and high end sign all of which adds to the overall first impression a client receives of your brand.  Use of the the following tow methods gives that Halo Lit Look. First, a stencil of the letters to be placed on the sign is cut out of the desired substrate, usually a metal.  Next, clear acrylic dimensional letters are pushed through the back of the metal substrate.  This panel is then finished off with LED lighting and enclosed in a box of desired thickness. Your desired vinyl design covers the face.  When plugged in the light shines from behind the letters, lighting up the back.  The light is cast to the side giving the halo lit look.   This method is called Push Through Acrylic Lettering.  Here is an example:


The challenge of this method, is that while it’s more economical, once your sign reaches a certain size, the amount of light provided to illuminate the sign, is not enough to give it a clear halo lit look.  Think of using a flashlight.  If you use the flashlight in the pantry, enough light is provided to see in that small space.  However, if you were to take that same flashlight and use it to illuminate a larger space, there simply wouldn’t be enough light to see the way you would like.  The same is true for halo lit signs.  KeyPoint Signs & Graphics loves a good challenge and we address this dilemma by changing the way we fabricate the halo lit sign.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters: Halo Lit Signs

Let’s say that your storefront wall surface area is 30 feet.   Depending on city ordinances, let’s make the halo lit sign that will be on the outside wall, 10 feet long.  The Push Through Acrylic letter method is no longer ideal as we just learned.  Your larger sign needs more light.  Alternatively, we apply reverse halo lit channel letters that have each been individually fabricated and have an aluminum face and side (returns).  Inside each letter, is a rope of LED lighting that outline the letter shape from the inside.  The channel letters are placed on a backer panel and the light is cast behind the letter (since the face of the letter is solid and the letter back is open), giving a halo lit look.  However, since each letter has it’s own light source, the illumination is brighter.

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