Retail Signage: Utilizing Signage for Increased Sales

Retail Signage: Utilizing Signage for Increased Sales

Retail signage will begin to become even more important as the holiday season approaches.  With increased competition on seemingly every corner, how can your retail store be the one customers choose to go into?  Direct marketing, commercials, radio advertising all play a roll but one of the easiest and most affordable avenues is to consider updating or adding to your existing retail signage.

Grab Attention with Vibrant Window Graphics

Using windows to advertise what amazing sales and products you have inside your store is a great way to utilize your real estate space.  Windows aren’t just for showcasing physical products inside….TELL your customers what’s inside and use vibrant colors, eye catching fonts and images to attract them.  Printing technology continues to make leaps and bounds so what you can display for retail signage is really limited to your imagination.  A few things to consider:

  1.  Keep it simple and make it bold.  You have about 5-10 sec to grab the attention of a customer walking past
  2. Color matters.  There is a psychology to color: red means “stop” , green means “go”.  Our brains are hardwired to it. Read this to learn more about it.
  3. Placement is key.  Sign placement depends on where your traffic is coming from.  From the sidewalk, you want your retail sign to be eye level- so don’t put those graphics up too high!  However, if you are trying to grab attention from further away, or you just can’t use window graphics there are other options.

A-Frames and Banners

  1. A-Frames AKA Sandwich signs are a favorite option for retail signage.  They are economical, portable and can still make use of attention grabbing graphics.  Being portable, they are easy to place on sidewalks to advertise sales, new items, or to simply get your brand identity out there.
  2. Banners provide the same affordability, and portability that A frames do, but also add dimensions of height and movement.  There are a variety of materials to use and a lightweight fabric can sway in the wind, catching the eye of a passerby.  And of course, they can be printed with vibrant graphics.

    Window Graphics

    Floor graphics increase use of real estate space

A Frame Sign

A Frame AKA Sandwich shop sign

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics aren’t just for the grocery stores any more!  Fun, creative and original, they can be an inventive way to use retail signage to your advantage.  Just with window space and window graphics, floor space and floor graphics maximizes your real estate space.  Options for what to put on your floor include wayfinding arrows, brand logo for brand identity reinforcement and add to the overall customer engagement with your store.


Whatever direction your choose for retail signage, KeyPoint Signs & Graphics has got you covered!

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