Fleet Vehicle Wrapping: Increasing Sales

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Fleet Vehicle Wrapping: Increasing Sales

Fleet vehicle wrapping is a sure fire way to increase your brand awareness.  A vehicle wrap is a digitally printed billboard on four wheels.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, the average delivery truck travels over 13,000 miles per year!  Lighter duty trucks and vehicles travel over 11,000 miles a year.  In essence, that’s your company’s billboard on wheels traveling thousands of miles and being seen by hundreds of potential clients.  The OAAA reports that a wrapped vehicle will net between 30,000 and 40,000 impressions a day.  This makes total sense  when you factor in how many miles delivery trucks are driving.  At KeyPoint Signs & Graphics, we know how important good signage is, both  static and mobile, and we can help you with all your car wrap advertising needs.


Vehicle wrapping has to be done right and our experience ensures just that!

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No matter your budget, there is a vehicle wrap that’s right for you from a basic wrap to a full wrap, KeyPoint Signs & Graphics can help YOU get noticed.  Vehicle wraps are digitally printed on vinyl and then professionally applied by our team to creatively advertise your brand and get your message out there.  The OAAA states that for every 1$ spent on advertising, an average of $5.97 is generated in sales!

How Do Vehicle Wraps Compare to Other Forms of Advertising

The OAAA has more good news for us.  Not only is spending  money on advertising your product an effective way to increase your sales, vehicle wrapping can be the MOST effective and efficient form of advertising reaching more customers at lower cost per thousand impressions then ANY OTHER form of advertising out there.  In fact, a recent client stated she landed a significant sale when a customer saw the graphics we applied to her delivery truck and FOLLOWED it to the shop! And that wasn’t even a full wrap!

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