Signage Design & Placement: Choosing the right sign

Signage Design

Signage Design & Placement: Choosing the right sign

Signage design is crucial to having an effective sign that reaches your target customers.  The sign itself advertises who and where you are.  Signage should be readable and inviting to entice your clients to come in or research more about you.  In addition to the font style and color to make sign look attractive, there are critical aspects to consider.   Call KeyPoint Signs & Graphics today to let our experts manage the details.  The information for this blog has been provided from Richard N. Schwab entitled Safety and Human Factors: Design Considerations for On-Premise Commercial Signs, cosponsored and published by The Signage Foundation for Communication Excellence Inc. and the International Sign Association, 1998


Signage Design: Placement

In order for you sign to be seen, it’s placement is critical.  Below is a table taken from the International Sign Industry that shows from what distance your sign needs to be readable according to the speed limit of the car the driver is in.  For example,  if a car passes by your store at 45 mph and they don’t have to change lanes, then that driver needs to be able to read your sign from a distance of 220 feet.  If your customer can’t read sign from that distance, it’s time to consider some updated signage.

Minimum Required Legibility Distances
in Varying Situations
With lane change
(in feet)
No lane change
(in feet)


Sign Design: Dimension

The next consideration for signage is the actual letter size.  If the sign lettering is too small to see or even too difficult to read due to complexity of design, then it doesn’t matter how well the sign was placed- it’s not going to be effective.  It’s simple: you must be able to read the sign. Industry research shows that for every 25 feet of distance from the sign, the letters should be at least 1 inch high.   If  your customer has 220 to read your sign, the letters on that sign at a minimum should be nearly 9 inches high.  Choose simple fonts and add the style in the graphic background or play with colors.


Sign Design: Illumination

Sign illumination is the icing on the cake and will really enable your sign to stand out among all others.  There are different ways to illuminate your sign.

  1. Mounted lamps or spot lights can cast the desired glow onto your sign’s face.  Streamlined gooseneck lighting can add an architectural feature to your sign and is typically the most affordable.
  2. Internal Illumination lights up the sign from inside the framework of the sign are easily read, can be seen from a further distance and take your sign to the next level.
  3. Partially illuminated portions of the sign are another option, in place of illuminating the entire sign, which is not always allowable by city code.

Our experienced sign team would be pleased to work you and walk you through the many facets of creating the perfect sign for you and we can navigate the details of dimensions for visibility, illumination and placement for maximum impact.  Call KeyPoint Signs & Graphics today to get your Get Your Quote.

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