Window & Wall Graphics: Transform Your WorkSpace

Window & Wall Graphics: Transform Your WorkSpace

As a business owner, try to think of your window & wall graphics differently.  It’s real estate to build your brand, get noticed and encourage potential customers to check you out. They are fantastic opportunities to:

Add color, glamour, professionalism

Promote your brand and company culture

Give your employees and your customers privacy but still let in the daylight

Advertise seasonal sales, product promotion

See what 3M says about window graphics: Fast 4 Make your Store Sell More

Wall graphics are cast vinyl that have been printed upon with state of the art technology that is then laminated to give you a matte, gloss or luster finish.  With today’s technology, what you can print is limited only by your imagination.  Well, maybe also limited by county permitting laws!

Window Graphics


Consider window graphics in to give yourself and your customers the privacy they’re looking for.  Perforated vinyl film will give you an authentic look of frosted glass, allowing the daylight in while providing complete visibility from the inside out!  You can have the best of both worlds.  Our modern graphics completely transformed our glass shop garage door: opaque from the outside, clear from within.   As an added bonus: we had 5 potential customers in 24 hours who contacted us by the visibility of our logo and contact information.


Before, we had zero privacy.  But not after install!  This window graphic allowed for complete visibility from the inside- out but gave us privacy and maximized our real estate space- free advertising!


Wall Graphics

Graphics can be equally effective inside!  Atmosphere is everything.  Once your potential client is in your door, keep them there with signage that evokes your company’s message, promotes sales or notifies clients of upcoming events.  White walls and bland colors aren’t enough to engage your clients in today’s interactive world!

Add your sense of style and culture by livening up your office space.  Turn your ordinary walls into works of art.  Don’t have smooth drywall- not a problem!  Wall graphics can be applied easily to brick and mortar and the look is unforgettable.

Wall graphics can do just as much for your employees as they can for customers.  Gallup’s State of Global Workplace reports the problem of poor workplace engagement.   This ordinary office wall was transformed by our simple graphic which can increase employee satisfaction!

The look has taken the previously boring space and turned it into an office that is more enjoyable to work in.

Visit KeyPoint Signs & Graphics to see how we can help you get your clients and employees to engage with your brand.

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