Do you have a trade show event, gala, grand opening or something similar that you find overwhelming to prepare for?  Simplify your event by using tools of the trade show to wow your guests!  It is so important to grab the attention of potential clients and direct their foot traffic and dollars your way.  Below you will find some simple information to help  give you some ideas.  Or even better, visit us we so can assist you with all your event show needs.

Retractable Banner Stand

Banners are a simple, economical and sure-fire way to grab attention.
The types of banners to choose
from can be overwhelming, but a favorite is the
retractable banner that is light weight, rolls up inside
the stand it comes in, sets up like a dream and
is easy to take down then store in a handy carrying
case for the next event.




Table Throws

Vibrant table throws are the perfect opportunity to turn a boring, folding plastic table, into an eye catching invitation to come and take a closer look.  You can design your own or we can assist you.  Either way, you are sure to increase your real estate space and get your brand across in an economical and re-usable way!



BackLit Fabric Displays

Want to really grab attention?  Consider a lightweight fabric display that has been printed with a large, colorful graphic, perhaps your company’s message and illuminated from behind.  Useful in any event, the backlit graphic makes your message stand out above all the others.

KeyPoint Signs & Graphics wants your next event to stand out among all the others.  Use this article on Top 10 Display Techniques to get some ideas and don’t forget to call KeyPoint today!



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